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Bobby & Annabel

Two havBobby White has taught Lindy Hop, Balboa, and Solo Jazz around the world for over a decade.

He is the author of the renown swing dance blog Swungover* and the book Practice Swing: A Choose Your Own Adventure Guide to Getting Better at Swing Dancing.  

Annabel is known far and wide for her huge grins and prodigious laughter on the dance floor. Addicted to the communication and spontaneity of social dancing, she continued to delve into swing dances while at Penn State where she was introduced to Balboa, Blues dancing, and Collegiate Shag.

  • bobby white

Mickey & Kelly

Mickey and Kelly are the founders of White Heat, Bal Week and M&K Bal Swing Pro. Together they have won numerous competitions and fostered the love of Balboa around the world for over a decade.

  • mickey and Kelly

Andreas & Olga

As instructors, Andreas and Olga emphasize partnership, musicality and follow-leading abilities. They have an easy-going, relaxed way of teaching. They are known for giving well-structured classes and they always try to give their students lots of individual feedback. Their ambition is to create playful classes filled with interesting footwork, figures, fun tasks and laughter.

  • Olga and Andreas
  • Rafal Pustelny

Rafal & Yurina

  • Yurina Shin

One of the goals of Bal Week has always been to push NYC’s Balboa scene forward and there is no way to do that without concentrating on your new dancers!


With that in mind, we have hired a fantastic teaching couple dedicated to this track. Rafał Pustelny and Yurina Shin are two of the best Balboa has to offer and as they are local New Yorkers, beginners can feel confident that they will be around to learn from in the future

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