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Level Descriptions


Intermediate/Intermediate advanced

You have been dancing Balboa socially for a while now and you are looking to reach the next level in your dancing. You have a decent amount of confidence on the social floor executing the basic patterns of balboa and bal swing . If you are looking for more options on the dance floor this is the track for you.


You are one of the better dancers in your local balboa scene and travel to events pretty frequently. You are confident in your basics and have begun styling and taking more chances on the dance floor. You are looking to dance with the best the camp has to offer and are confident that when you rotate to them during these classes that you will be able to offer them a solid partner during this rotation.

*** The first class of each track will act as a level test. Teachers will ask students to move up or down based upon their performance in class and their decisions should be understood and respected.


You have been invited to masters Level classes before, teach locally or are comfortable in a competition environment.

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