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Special thanks to Joel Plys for allowing the original Rendezvous prizes to be used once more at our event.

Rendezvous Championship

This is an open-level contest.

Battle for the Rendezvous plaque!

Our winning couple will receive two championship plaques engraved with the signatures of Balboa legends like Maxie Dorf, Hal Takier, Anne Mills and many more. They will also have their names added to the Balboa Rendezvous winners' plaque, originally created for the International Balboa Championships held in the historic Balboa Pavilion in Newport Beach, CA.

Competitors select their own partners and enter the contest as couples.  The contest begins with a single Pure Balboa Prelim, followed by several other rounds.  See below.

Entry is $20 per couple, pre-register or  payable on the day of the contest. 

Contest Schedule:

Friday Night (First and second band break)

Pure Balboa Challenge: The name says it all: Pure Balboa only. The prelim will take place during the first band break.  Competitors who advance are entered in both the Pure Balboa Finals and the Bal-Swing Semi-finals.  The Pure Balboa Finals occur during the second band break.

​Saturday After Classes 4 pm 

Draw Contest Prelims.

Bal-Swing Semi-Finals: Show us your best Bal-Swing! Results  will battle it out in the Rendezvous Cup Finals.

Saturday Night

Draw Contest Finals (first band break)

Rendezvous Cup Finals (second band break): Anything goes! Winners will receive two plaques proudly displaying the signatures of many of the Balboa greats, originally created for the Balboa Rendezvous' International Balboa Championships.

Draw Contest.  New this year!  

This is an open-level contest.

Classic draw format!

Prelims:  competitors are randomly assigned partners of the opposite role and dance to music of three different tempos.  Partners rotate randomly between musical selections.  Leads and follows are judged separately.

Finals:  competitors are randomly assigned partners.  Competitors keep these assigned partners for the duration of the finals and are judged as couples.

Sunday Night

Slow Balboa Contest

This will be free/fun dance contest. Competitors will be tapped out until there are three finalists who will battle it out (slowly) to receive  a special prize announced during the weekend!

2019 Champions: Jennifer and Blake

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